Academic Success Center

Our Mission

To empower students to become independent learners through engaging support programs while providing an inclusive community that honors the uniqueness of each individual's academic journey

OUR Vision

To revolutionize the academic support experience

Our Programs and Services

We provide FREE academic support and personal development services to undergraduate students through three primary programmatic areas:


TRIO Student Support Services

The TRIO Student Support Services program offers academic support and personal and professional development services to eligible students throughout their college career.

University Tutoring

University Tutoring is aimed at providing Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Drop-in and Schedule Tutoring in the library and select residence halls for freshman and sophomore-level classes.

Stated that their tutoring experience was beneficial

Indicated that tutoring improved their belief that they can graduate

Asserted that tutoring plays an important role in their decision to remain at KSU

Declared that they would recommend the tutoring service at the ASC to their friends

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI provides study groups for certain courses. Practice effective study strategies, prepare for exams, and meet new friends.