The United States Department of Education requires all students who have received a Direct Loan from Kent State University to complete Exit Loan Counseling. A student must complete Exit Loan Counseling when they exit the university, drop to less than half time enrollment status or graduate. Exit Loan Counseling informs you of your rights and responsibilities regarding the repayment process. 

You must complete Exit Loan Counseling on the web, via

You will need your Department of Education PIN to access your Exit Loan Counseling information. If you have forgotten your PIN or need to request a PIN, go to You can request a duplicate PIN to be displayed immediately. Once you receive your PIN, you will be able to access your Exit Loan Counseling requirements by returning to

Visit with financial aid representatives at the upcoming Graduation Fair!

For students graduating Spring 2015, the fair will be held Saturday, March 7th, 11am -3pm; Monday, March 9th, 11am - 6 pm; Tuesday, March 10th, 11 am to 6 pm at the Kent Student Center.

For students graduating Summer 2015, the fair will be held Wednesday, June 24th at the Kent Student Center.
Click here for more information about commencement or Grad Fair.

Questions regarding this information may be directed to,

Budgeting and Repayment

While you are logged into, we highly recommend that you use the Repayment Estimator listed at the bottom left of the page under Tools and Calculators. This will give you an accurate estimate of your monthly payment. It is extremely important to budget for your upcoming loan payment now even though your loan payment will not start until 6 months after you graduate, withdraw or fall below half time enrollment.