Financial Aid Staff

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The staff of the Student Financial Aid Office is committed to providing "Family Friendly Financial Aid Services" to all of our students and their families.

Your PERSONAL FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR is based on the *first letter of your last name and is designated below: 

Financial Aid Directors

 Staff Member Name Title Email Address
 Mark Evans  Director
 Sylvia Bustard  Associate Director
 Steven Minnich  Associate Director
 Anissa Strickland  Associate Director
 Krystn Hood  Assistant Director
 Marsha Kraus  Assistant Director
 Katie Schalmo  Assistant Director

Financial Aid Counselors & Financial Aid Coordinators

 Staff Member Name Title Email Address
 Randi Brown  Financial Aid Coordinator
 Jennifer Garretson  Financial Aid Coordinator
 Laura Gaugler  Financial Aid Counselor
 Melissa Hulett  Financial Aid Counselor
 Christopher Hurley  Financial Aid Coordinator
 Tara Jackson  Financial Aid Coordinator
 Pamela LaFleur  Financial Aid Counselor
 Sarah Marcini  Financial Aid Counselor
(Alternative Loans)
 Paul Merlo  Financial Aid Coordinator
 Christina Napier  Financial Aid Counselor
(Client Services)
 Judy Olabisi  Financial Aid Coordinator
(Regional Campuses)
 Laura Rodriguez  Financial Aid Counselor
(G,I,Q,S,T, U,W,X)*
 Valerie Rose  Financial Aid Coordinator
 Jeff Thomas  Computer Technology Coordinator
 Alana Thompson  Financial Aid Counselor
(Study Abroad)
 Sheila Wilson  Financial Aid Counselor