Students that will be studying abroad through the Florence Architecture & Interior Design program or the Florence Fashion Design & Merchandising program will receive the financial information, for their programs, through the information seminar that is held each year.

Steps To Receive Financial Aid for study abroad

  1. Begin researching your options for study abroad programs, at least one year in advance. The Office of Global Education (OGE), has an up-to-date listing of study abroad programs that are offered by Kent Stat,e as well as programs sponsored by other universities and third party providers. They have also posted the costs for each program.  If you schedule an appointment at the Student Financial Aid Office, we suggest that you bring a copy of the estimated program costs for OGE.

    Visit the Office of Global Education WebsiteCheck the OGE Walk-In Hours

  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the academic year in which you will be participating in a study abroad program. The FAFSA Form can be filed electronically on the FAFSA Web site.

    Visit the FAFSA website

  3. If you will be participating in a study abroad program during the summer, complete the FAFSA and the Summer Aid Request Form.

    Access the Summer Request Form

  4. If you decide to participate in a study abroad program that requires you to enroll directly in classes at another college/university (such as the University of Webster in Geneva), you must complete the Study Abroad Pre-Approval Form (SAPAF). The SAPAF allows the Student Financial Aid Office to update your financial aid after ensuring that you will enroll in eligible classes while abroad.
  5. If you have a scholarship awarded to you by an academic department (i.e. Art Scholarship, Accounting Scholarship, or Honors College) contact the appropriate department to find out if you can use this scholarship while participating in a study abroad program. In most cases, you may use your scholarships if you are participating in a Kent State, Ohio International Consortium Program, or one of the many Kent State exchange programs.
  6. It is important to apply for scholarships early. Review the Scholarship Search Qualifier, as well as OGE, and your College for eligible study abroad scholarships.

    Scholarship Search Qualifier

  7. Review all of the information provided. If you have any questions or want to discuss your individual account, please contact one of our Study Abroad Counselors to discuss your options.

Study Abroad Financial Aid Counselors

Alana Thompson

Kent State Florence

Kent State Exchanges

Geneva-Webster University

ISEP Exchanges

New York City Studio


Laura Gaugler

Direct Enrollment

Third Party Enrollment

Faculty-Led Short Term Programs

Disney College Program

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