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Instructional Tools

The same team who supports Blackboard Learn also implements a number of online applications to support instruction. Some are integrated within Learn while others are used to enable the creation of course materials deliverable via Learn. See descriptions below.

Servers: Virtual, Physical, Conversions

Kent State provides various sizes of cost-effective virtual servers to support most x86 applications. Virtual servers are built on a highly available server and storage platform, built for reliability. Each virtual server includes 24/7 monitoring and support.

For applications with requirements too large or unique for a virtual server, Information Services (IS) can purchase, install, and maintain an appropriately sized physical server for the client. Each servers includes 24/7 monitoring and support.

Server Colocation (CoLo)

The Library Data Center provides the same housing, power and network connection for customer servers ensuring secure server storage, power supply, fire protection, data center grade air conditioning, and monitoring that IS managed servers receive. This 'Colocation' results in a 'CoLo' (colocated) server.