Kent State Sets 2014-15 Tuition

To enable Kent State University to continue its multifaceted efforts to provide students with a high-caliber educational experience, the Kent State Board of Trustees today (May 28, 2014) increased tuition by 2 percent for undergraduate and graduate students on the university’s eight campuses. The increase, which is in keeping with a state-mandated limit on full-time, in-state undergraduate tuition increases for the 2014-15 academic year, is expected to leave Kent State’s tuition ranked in the middle of Ohio’s 13 public universities.

Kent State Keeps Tuition Increase Under State-Set Cap; Entire Increase Goes to Student Financial Aid

Pointing to Kent State University’s successful efforts to meet the needs of 21st-century students and manage the university’s finances efficiently and responsibly, the Kent State University Board of Trustees today (June 27, 2013) enacted a 1.5-percent tuition increase and announced that all of it will be used to help students come to, stay in and graduate from college.