College of Podiatric Medicine


In addition to the ability of students to use of Mediasite for playing back any lecture during their tenure at the College of Podiatric Medicine, they can also utilize the power of Mediasite to listen to recorded lectures via podcast in an audio-only format.  

Our current students at the College can utilize the below links inside their favorite podcast program to hear playbacks of lectures on the go!  On occasion, a particular lecture may not be available due to recording malfunction or instructor request.

To enable Kent State University to continue its multifaceted efforts to provide students with a high-caliber educational experience, the Kent State Board of Trustees today (May 28, 2014) increased tuition by 2 percent for undergraduate and graduate students on the university’s eight campuses. The increase, which is in keeping with a state-mandated limit on full-time, in-state undergraduate tuition increases for the 2014-15 academic year, is expected to leave Kent State’s tuition ranked in the middle of Ohio’s 13 public universities.

Scholar of the Month
Jill Kawalec
Associate Professor and Division Head of the Department of Research 
College of Podiatric Medicine