New Podiatric Product Developed by Kent State Students and Professor Can Be Used by People With Diabetes and Athletes

Kent State Students and Professor Invent Insole for Diabetic Patients

Kent State University students Nilin Rao, Ph.D., and Craig Verdin, and Exercise Science and Physiology Professor Ellen Glickman, Ph.D., are the co-founders of TheraPod Medical LLC, a wound-care company that is looking to transform the field of podiatric medicine.

Rao, a fourth-year podiatric student who completed his master’s and doctorate degrees in exercise physiology from Kent State, and Verdin, a second-year podiatric student in Kent State’s College of Podiatric Medicine, have been working with Glickman to research and develop products geared toward helping those with diabetes, which affects more than 29 million Americans and is growing, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They developed and patented a product called the Puncture-Pedic insole to help people with ulcerations on their feet, which affects people with diabetes, and can be very painful without assistance. If the ulcerations don’t heal properly, they can cause infections and lead to possible amputations on the toes and feet. The insole made of a soft, durable fabric fits into a normal shoe and allows certain spots to be punched out so that the person can walk without pressure on the ulceration. This allows the person to easily and comfortably walk without the need for a walking boot until they can recover.

Additionally, their product also can help athletes, such as runners, recover from blisters and calluses that can impede their performance.

“There are not many options at the local drugstore for the millions of people dealing with these types of foot issues,” Glickman said. “The research shows that there really is a need for products like the one we developed, and we are looking toward the future to research and develop proactive podiatric products that use technologies such as liquid crystals to help people.”

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POSTED: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 11:29 AM
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