Student Research Ambassadors

As a Student Research Ambassador, you will serve as the face of undergraduate research by recruiting student researchers, sharing your experiences across campus, mentoring new and emerging student researchers, and working with other research ambassadors to assist with research programming. As a Research Ambassador, it is essential that you understand and promote the benefits of participating in undergraduate research which include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhancing student learning through mentoring relationships with faculty
  • Increasing university retention rates
  • Increasing enrollment in graduate education and providing effective career preparation
  • Developing critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and intellectual independence
  • Developing an understanding of research methodology
  • Promoting an innovation-oriented culture (Council for Undergraduate Research, 2016).

Program Requirements and Expectations


  • Must have participated in at least one semester of research under the mentorship of a faculty member or graduate student
  • Good to Excellent oral presentation skills
  • Complete the application


  • 10-hour time commitment per semester
  • Participate in a training session
  • Be willing to serve as a source of information regarding undergraduate research at university events
  • Be willing to have email posted on the Office of Student Research’s website, and be available to answer undergraduate research involvement questions
  • Be willing to meet with and advise students interested in participating in research.
  • Assist the Office of Student Research with programming/events
  • Be able to enthusiastically share your undergraduate research experience with others
  • Attend meetings on occasion – once or twice a semester

Meet Our Student Ambassadors:

Anna Anelloaanello@kentNeuroscience and Computer Science
Amador Marcusmamador3@kent.eduZoology
Delonte Goodmandgoodma5@kent.eduMechatronics Engineering
Katie Hornkhorn11@kent.eduAeronautics- Professional Pilot
Nicholas Bairdnbaird1@kent.eduMechatronics
Jonathan Evanickjevanick@kent.eduPublic Health
Abbey Bennettabenne38@kent.eduAnimation Game Design
Jordan Gallegosjgalleg2@kent.eduHistory
McKenna Fhanermfhaner@kent.eduNursing
Jada Howardjhowar36@kent.eduBiology
Lauren   Hadleylhadley2@kent.eduCommunication Studies
Riley Smithzsmith38@kent.eduPsychology
Wayne Niehwnie@kent.eduNursing