Scholarships for Returning Students

The School of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students enrolled in our programs to help manage school expenses. Scholarship awards can be based on a variety of criteria, including academic merit, talent and demonstrated financial need.

Scholarship award recipients need to fill out a SODA (Student Online Donor Acknowledgment Form) before the funds will be released to their bursar’s account.


The Wallace J. Hagedorn Scholarship in Photography

The Wallace J. Hagedorn Photography Scholarship supports student tuition costs and enriching, out-of-classroom experiences to help photography students develop strong portfolios.

The funds come from the largest single gift ($4.2 million) ever made to Kent State to support only scholarships. 

JMC Students Click here to apply.

A unique poetry partnership is helping to spread the “word” about migration, literally. Powerful and inspiring words are ringing throughout 11 cities in the United States.

Christopher Darling is an illustrator who is using his talents to try to make the world a better place—he also happens to be an assistant professor in the School of Visual Communication Design (VCD).

"I want to do things that have an impact—are ethical. I don't necessarily want to take a job for whiskey or something,” Darling said. “ I want to do stuff that is going to help and benefit society or communities.”

Required Computer Purchase

Prior to the beginning of the first semester of the freshman year, all Visual Communication Design and Photo Illustration majors are required to purchase a Macintosh laptop computer and specific graphic software as described below. The computer and software will be used in subsequent VCD courses throughout the remainder of the degree program.

Minimum Hardware

Apple MacBook Pro $2,399.00 (*Flash Technology Center at the University Bookstore Education Pricing $2249.00)

Kent, Ohio, May 27, 2015 — IdeaBase, a Kent State student-powered design firm based in Kent, OH, celebrates the launch of the new State Library of Ohio website.  The site, which features a new interface, improved site navigation, and enhanced search functionality, was designed and developed by IdeaBase and was launched today by the State Library of Ohio.

“Working with IdeaBase was a wonderful experience,” expressed State Librarian Beverly Cain. “The team assigned to our project was responsive, creative, and dedicated to providing a finished product that truly met our needs.”

The School of Visual Communication Design founders awarded the first Walker-Buchanan Scholarship to Best of Show award recipient Joshua Bird at the 2015 VCD BFA Senior Show reception.

Author and illustrator Cece Bell received a Newbery Honor for her most recent publication and first graphic novel, El Deafo, where she shares her experiences with hearing loss at a young age. El Deafo is only the second graphic novel to receive a Newbery Honor.

The Kent State University School of Visual Communication Design presents Decagon, an exhibition of photographic works created by graduating Photo-Illustration students, class of 2015.

Decagon will showcase a variety of works ranging from expressive studio photography to dynamic digital compositions by photographers: Michael Angelini, Caroline Boetger, Nathan Hubble, Josiah Hull, Andrew Keller, Jackie Lalumandier, Brianna Levay, Olivia Mandala, Joslyn VanKirk and Erika Walesch.