Analyses and Framework Plan Comments

POSTED: Sep. 18, 2017

The Framework Plan is a concept of how the Kent campus may change and improve. The Framework is an outline for new and renovated facilities, open space networks, and connections to the Kent community. For printing or analysis, PDF versions of the graphs and tables are divided into three segments-- academic and research facilitiesstudent life facilities, and our physical campus.

Comments regarding the plan are below.


"Alex Warner"

"With how many foul balls are hit during a softball game it seems odd to have home plate so close to the baseball field. That would prevent the teams from playing at the same time as it could cause a disruption to a baseball game. I know the renderings aren't exact representations of the area but there isn't much space that would be between the two. If the field was shifted to have the 3rd base line running along the IPF it would prevent any interference. It would also allow fans to see both games from each of the stands." -Alex Warner

"Dianne Kerr"

"I see the new Business Building, but what happens to the Williamson House, SRVSS and the Women's Center that are currently there? The Williamson House was just renovated and certainly should not be demolished!" -Dianne Kerr


"Thank you, Dianne, for your interest in the Kent campus master plan. Your question has two components, and we’ll answer both. The Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services and the Women’s Center programming: The master plan does suggest that the programming within the Wiliamson House be relocated to another place on campus that is comparable or better than Williamson House space. Both programs need to be accessible to both the Kent campus and the greater City of Kent communities. Cost estimates for the COBA Building and parking structure include funding for the relocation of these programs. Williamson House: The master plan does suggest that the Williamson House be demolished. However, the decision to remove the structure will not be made until the parking structure is fully designed and sited. During the master planning process, the planning team did explore different site layouts that could preserve the Williamson House, and those site layouts have not been eliminated from future consideration. We will continue to engage the Kent State community as specific building and site plans are further developed." -JHoffman