The Beauty of the Kent Campus is Characterized by its Open Spaces and Topography

POSTED: Sep. 28, 2017

One of the more striking features of the Kent Campus is its setting.  Stands of mature trees are located throughout campus, with the front campus being the largest and most prominent. Open areas allow for informal recreation, celebration, and protest.  Significant wetlands are east of Loop Road.

Pedestrian Network Hierarchy and Gaps Map

Open lawn are locations where students can gather and play, but some are more successful than others.  Art installations are mostly along the Esplanade and in the May 4th area.   

Gathering and Public Art

The rolling hills of the front and central campus areas create interesting views and site character.  The steep slopes, however, also limit redevelopment and make travel difficult for those who are less mobile.

Topography Map

How does the campus tree canopy, open spaces, and topography influence your perception of the Kent Campus?