In the Future, the Demand for Classrooms, Teaching Labs, Open Labs, Research Labs, and Assembly Spaces will be Greater than the Kent Campus Currently Offers

POSTED: Sep. 18, 2017

Despite the higher utilization goals for classrooms and teaching labs, academic space guidelines suggest that the Kent Campus will need additional academic spaces (classrooms, teaching labs, open labs).

Space guidelines also suggest that the Kent Campus needs additional assembly spaces, and that the need will grow as the student body grows.  Requests for additional assembly space from Student Life, the performing arts, and the School Fashion suggest the space guidelines are correct.

When employing KSU office guidelines, there will be sufficient office space for faculty and staff, even as the number of faculty and staff grow.  Many of the Kent Campus’s legacy buildings have office sizes that are much greater than current KSU office guidelines.  As new offices are created and existing offices are incrementally improved, KSU office guidelines will increase the efficiency of existing office spaces.

Academic Space Needs - Kent Campus - Chart for Fall 2026 Base Year and Target Year

Even after increasing our efficiency, the Kent Campus will need more space to grow.  Does this seem intuitive to you?

Do you have questions or concerns about application of space guidelines to Kent Campus’s existing and future student enrollments?