Key Accreditation Milestones

Aug 2022Communication planning, research and design
Mar 2023Begin working on Quality Initiative Report
Sept 2023Phase one of communication plan
Oct 2023Multi-campus report started
Mar 2024Notify ODHE about upcoming reaffirmation visit
                          One Year From Site Visit
April 2024Accreditation guest speaker
May 2024Circulate Quality Initiative Report to key stakeholders for review
May 2024Phase two of communication plan
June 1, 2024Quality Initiative Report due
Sept 2024Begin site visit logistic planning
Sept 17, 2024Federal Compliance Documents are available in the Assurance System
                          Six Months From Site Visit
Oct 2024Circulate the Assurance Argument to key stakeholders for review
Dec 2, 2024Multi-campus reports are due to AAL
Jan 2025Begin on-campus logistic arrangements
Jan 2025Phase three of communication plan
 Provide student emails to HLC
Feb 2025HLC Student Opinion Survey is sent out
Feb 28, 2025Filing: Federal Compliance Report
Mar 10, 2025Filing: Multi-Campus Reports
Mar 10,  2025Filing: Assurance Argument and Evidence Files
Mar 17, 2025Finalize all filing - Lock Date
April 14-15, 2025Accreditation Reaffirmation Site Visit
May 2025Phase four of communication plan