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Endowments: Securing Your Philanthropic Legacy

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What is an endowed gift?

Endowment gifts are how you transform society over the long term — and how you secure Kent State’s dynamic future for many generations to come. When you fund an endowment, you establish your legacy at Kent State with a gift that provides support to the university in perpetuity.

Put simply, endowments are the university’s savings accounts — savings accounts with a purpose. Your purpose.

Your gift is invested in a pool by the Kent State University Foundation, and only the earnings from that investment are spent according to your wishes. Each year, an enduring source of funding is directed to the specific causes important to you and to the university’s mission, such as scholarships, faculty support, research, and other academic, cultural, athletic and public service programs.

Why are endowment gifts important?

Endowments are the steady hand that ensures Kent State has the resources needed to enhance our students’ lives over the decades. In an uncertain time of state support of higher education, endowments are a dependable source of revenue that the university relies on to continue climbing on our promising upward trajectory.

An endowment also safeguards your lasting philanthropic aspirations, as the university meets your gift with a commitment of our own — a commitment to carry out your vision into the future. And when investments perform well, the value of your endowment grows — so the impact of your gift expands, too.

How does an endowment make an impact?

Student-Focused Endowments
Through a scholarship endowment, you forever change the lives of many students, year after year. Your support of student scholarships also provides a critical tool for Kent State to recruit and recognize high-achieving students. You may choose to focus the scholarship based on students’ academic qualifications, financial need, major or other criteria. Scholarships can be endowed for general support, or directed to special initiatives, such as study abroad or internships.

  • Undergraduate scholarship: $25,000 and up
  • Founder's Medallion Scholarship (Kent State’s most distinguished undergraduate scholarship; provided to high-achieving students for up to four years): $100,000 
  • Graduate fellowship: $100,000

Faculty and Staff Endowments
A faculty endowment is one of the most prestigious gifts you can make to the university. It provides perpetual support to recruit and retain the most distinguished faculty members. Funds generated by an endowment also can be used for special purposes, such as resources that advance the chair's work; graduate and post-doctoral students to assist in research; and travel or equipment for academic, research or creative pursuits. Support for faculty often takes the form of an endowed professorship or chair, but you can also create a research or travel fund.

  • Presidential Endowed Chair in Educational Leadership (only one available; to be held by the sitting president of Kent State):  $5 million
  • Distinguished Endowed Chair (recognizes the highest in scholarship and academic prestige): $2.5 million
  • Endowed Deanship (only one available per college or campus; to be held by the sitting dean): $2 million
  • Endowed Research Chair (supports a faculty member whose primary focus is research): $1.5 million
  • Endowed Chair: $1 million
  • Endowed professorship: $500,000
  • Endowed Visiting Professorship (for a preeminent scholar who visits Kent State for a semester or year): $500,000
  • Endowed Faculty Fellowship (for a promising junior faculty member): $250,000
  • Endowed Directorship of Athletics (only one available; to be held by the current athletics director):  $3 million
  • Endowed Head Coach (football, baseball, men's basketball): $1 million
  • Endowed Head Coach (all other sports or position coaches):  $500,000

Programmatic Endowments
Your commitment to one of our academic programs could help propel it to the highest national and international prominence. Endowments in these areas provide support for research; equipment and technology for leading-edge education; start-up funds for faculty recruitment; special programming that enlightens minds outside of the classroom; and entrepreneurial investments in exciting new fields of study. A transformative gift in these areas may also include the opportunity to name the center, school or college.

  • Program funds: $100,000 and up
  • Centers and institutes: varies based on size and stature; $1 million minimum
  • Schools and departments: varies based on size and stature; $3 million minimum
  • Colleges: $10 million to $50 million; minimum varies by college


For information on endowments and other giving opportunities, please contact:

Institutional Advancement

Stephen G. Sokany
Executive Associate Vice President

Jeffery L. McLain, MMC, CFRE
Vice President