Making a Difference – Through Your Estate Plans

Financial demands faced by today’s students are remarkably different than what was faced decades ago. Declines in traditional sources of income, coupled with shrinking state support for higher education, require students to bear a large part of the cost of their education.


Today, more than ever, private support is critical to helping students achieve their goals. This is especially true in Ohio, where public support for higher education ranks 47th in the nation -- for every five days a student attends a public institution in Ohio, they must pay for four of those days out of pocket.


The gift of knowledge is priceless, and a student’s financial situation shouldn’t be an obstacle to improving his or her life. Educational institutions are investments in the future of our society. That’s why increasing funds earmarked for scholarships is an urgent priority at Kent State University, and one that can be designated through your will or trust.


At Kent State, we encourage students to explore their individuality, their special talents and their particular interests. Our student body is diverse, and so are our scholarship offerings. We want to open the door to students who need and want to access a higher education – and scholarships are the key.


If you’d like to make a difference in the life of a student in need through a provision in your estate plan, call us at 330-672-1000 to learn how.