Michael Loderstedt

Professor of Printmaking Michael J. Loderstedt has been a part of the university’s art culture since he arrived on campus in 1982 to attend graduate school, and is dedicated to fostering the next generation of artists at Kent State University.

Loderstedt understands the plight of universities. “Quality education costs more and more money to deliver,” he says, “while support from state and federal government continues to diminish. Many of our buildings, like the Art Building, had exceeded their useful lives here on the Kent Campus and needed renovation.”

Loderstedt was inspired to give back by Craig Lucas, one of his Kent State professors who became a good friend and artistic collaborator. “After Craig’s passing in 2011, I found out about his anonymous long-standing financial support of the Student Art Annual,” says Loderstedt. “His generosity was never anything he wore on his sleeve. It was just a part of his life, and that made me think it should just be a part of all of our lives.”