Dr. Margaret Tsai, ’02, Honors Her Father, Dr. Chun-Che Tsai, Through Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Chun-Che Tsai and his wife, Shu-Mei, began inspiring their children before their children were even born.

Chun-Che and Shu-Mei met through a family friend and then married. In the 1960s, they emigrated from Taiwan to America to pursue higher education and research opportunities.

“They were the first in their families to emigrate to America,” said their daughter, Dr. Margaret Tsai, ’02, “and my brothers, Mitchell and Eric, and I are still amazed by this accomplishment.” Ever since, Chun-Che and Shu-Mei have continued to inspire and be excellent role models for their children.
Dr. Chun-Che Tsai and his wife, Shu-Mei

Dr. Chun-Che Tsai is an Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Kent State University, where he taught for 37 years. His work included research in the development of antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer drugs, as well as wound healing.

“My father’s tenure as Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry has been very productive and exciting,” Margaret said. “Even now, he still continues his research. His passion for research led to many accomplishments, including obtaining several patents and contributing to more than 100 scientific publications.”

But his passions did not stop there.

“His other passion was teaching,” Margaret said, “where he used creative ways to teach and engage students. His work ethic is remarkable and to be admired; he has never taken a sick day. He has been a true inspiration to me and my brothers.”

While Kent State provided an arena for Dr. Tsai’s research and teaching, it also provided an excellent foundation of education for Margaret. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Life Sciences from Kent State in 2002, and currently serves in the Rheumatologic and Immunologic Disease department at the Cleveland Clinic.

“My father and I both had very positive experiences at Kent State,” Margaret said, “and it is wonderful to see the continual growth and advancements of the university.”

Paying Tribute By Giving Back
Dr. Margaret Tsai, '02
Margaret and her brothers wanted a way to pay tribute to their father for being such a remarkable mentor and supporter for so many years. In 2018, Margaret established the Professor Chun-che Tsai Scholarship in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

“Our family agreed that giving back to Kent State would have a tremendous impact on encouraging and fostering future students in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department,” Margaret said.

As one of the first recipients of a Kent State Founders Medallion Scholarship, Margaret knows first-hand just how impactful scholarships are on students’ lives.

“As a former scholarship recipient myself, I was and still am very appreciative of the donations provided to help me achieve my dreams.”

Because it is an endowed scholarship, the Professor Chun-che Tsai Scholarship in Chemistry and Biochemistry will be awarded in perpetuity every year to the Chemistry and Biochemistry student with the highest GPA at the end of their junior year.

Now that she and her mother and father have achieved their dreams, in part because of scholarships, Margaret is grateful to be able to support the aspirations of others.

“It is an honor to invest in this scholarship that provides needed assistance and support to future generations of students pursuing their dreams.” 

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