Vince Quevedo

When Vince Quevedo, associate professor of Fashion Design, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2004, he thought about what others had done for him in his life, and ways that he could help others.

“People die from cancer,” he says. “I almost died. I didn’t want to leave this world not helping, because people helped me.”

Vince survived his diagnosis thanks in part to aggressive treatment. And he decided to start helping students. “I noticed a lack of diversity scholarships in the Fashion School for those freshmen students who need it the most,” he says. He began to personally support incoming freshman fashion students, with a focus on promoting diversity.  Vince is quick to add that he gets much more out of this than the students.

Vince still struggles with complications, but he’s thankful for this second chance. He has fond memories of those who inspired him, like the late Dr. Elizabeth Roads, former director of the School of Fashion, who passed away following a battle with leukemia.

Vince says that Dr. Rhodes’ “giving rubbed off on me, and I hope my giving rubs off on others.” He also thinks about his sister, Jeannette. “When I was going to school, my sister helped me,” he says. “She bought things for me and would let me fit clothes on her. There were no scholarships available for me where I went to school.”