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hippies: a kent state love story

Peter Jedick, '71

A love story set on campus of Kent State University during the events leading up to the May 4, 1970 tragedy. 

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Relaunch! book cover

RELAUNCH! Stagnation, Change, and Renewal in Mid-Career and Beyond

Steven Simon, Ph.D. '81

RELAUNCH! is about finding or renewing a sense of passion for work. It’s about the antidotes to stagnating in a job or career one doesn’t love or even like or finds boring day in and day out. The book is based on listening to what mid and late career clients have confided as their most distressing career issues and presents an approach to finding a new love for the work one does. 

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Four Dead in Ohio book cover

Four Dead in Ohio: Was There a Conspiracy at Kent State?

William Gordon, '73

An investigative account re-examining the different theories for May 4, based on over 200 new interviews, FBI reports, trial transcripts, and other archival material. One professor complained it read too well. The book also uses satirical techniques to highlight the many absurdities of May 4. Updated edition covers the controversy over what is actually on the May 4 tape.

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The Pasta Family Goes to Marinara Beach book cover

The Pasta Family (Goes to Marinara Beach)

Cory Tilson, '10, Laureen Tilson, '11, and Alex Rodgers, '09

When The Pasta Family heads to Marinara Beach for a day of fun in the sun, you know that excitement is right around the corner! But when the family dog (Ziti) wanders off of his leash, the family goes in search of their favorite pet. Join The Pasta Family on their latest beach adventure, catch a wave at the annual surfing competition, and help find Ziti in a surprise ending!

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High Heels and Hard Hats book cover

High Heels and Hard Hats

Roni Faller, '79

In the tradition of Sex and the City and The Notebook, High Heels and Hard Hats is women’s fiction at its finest—a humorous and heartfelt coming-of-age story of a fellow KSU graduate that explores our career choices, romance, female friendships, and the choices that define us. 

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The History of Karate and the Masters Who Made It book cover

The History of Karate and the Masters Who Made It

Mark Cramer, '73

This first concise yet comprehensive history of traditional Okinawan and Japanese karate includes authoritative biographies of the great karate masters of the past and the philosophical issues they faced as karate changed and evolved.

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In Russian Wonderland book cover

In Russian Wonderland: An American's Odyssey in Soviet Russia

Charles Cole, '72

A personal memoir of my experiences in the USSR serving as a Russian-speaking guide on a USIA exhibit in 1972.

Learn more about In Russian Wonderland and purchase the book

Kent State University Athletics book cover

Kent State University Athletics: Images of Sports

Cara Gilgenbach

A brief history of nearly 100 years of Kent State athletics told through historical photographs and substantive captions. Includes 10 chapters, each with a historical overview of that decade's highlights. Co-author: Theresa Walton.

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Cultivating Minds to Own Thyself book cover

Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself

Jameel Davis, '13

Cultivating Minds To Own Thyself, encourages readers to define, identify and to accept thyself and to modify their thoughts, so that they can become their best self and make a difference in the lives of others. 

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12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities: Second Edition book cover

12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities Second Edition

John Hayes, '71, M.A. '73

12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities is the Ultimate Franchise Guide to helping you discover new and amazing franchise opportunities worthy of your investment! This franchise guidebook includes step-by-step instructions to investigating franchises and lists many of the questions you must ask before you buy a franchise. Need money to buy a franchise? Uncertain if you're a good fit for franchising? Those topics are explored, too. 

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Charlie Chan's Poppa: Early Derr Biggers book cover

Charlie Chan’s Poppa: Earl Derr Biggers

Barbara Gregorich, '64

Charlie Chan’s Poppa: Earl Derr Biggers is a biography of the Golden-Age-of-Mystery author from Warren, Ohio, who was known around the world for creating the Chinese-Hawaiian police detective, Charlie Chan.

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The Kent State Shootings and What Came Before book cover

The Kent State Shootings and What Came Before

David B. McCoy, M.L.S. '90

David B. McCoy earned his history teaching degree from Ashland University and his graduate degree from Kent State University. His work at Kent explored the influences of socialization on personality development.

Additional publications by McCoy:
Join the Parade of Horses and Heroes 

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Entries in the International Design Competition for the Tokyo International Forum 1989

Entries In The International Design Competition For The Tokyo International Forum 1989

Daniel Lawrence, '76, M.A. '78

Architectural Design Entries To The Tokyo International Forum 1989 #371 Daniel T Lawrence, Architect, NCARB.

Additional publications by Lawrence:
Historical Dictionary of World's Fairs and Expositions
Entries In The International Design Competition For The Tokyo International Forum 1989
Feasibility Report, Atlantic City Transportation Center 

Red and Purple Hiking Boots book cover

Red and Purple Hiking Boots: An Older Woman's Trek to "It's Never too Late"

Donna Billings, '65

Feel hemmed in by life roles and circumstances? Looking to live your dreams? If so, this book is for you. A Nicaraguan trip to visit her son in the Peace Corps awoke in her a desire to question the assumptions and roles that kept her from realizing her dreams. The result: she moved from a traditional career to an executive coach, while trekking through mountains all over the world - all beginning in her early 60's.

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Food & Fitness After 50 book cover

Food & Fitness After 50

Christine Rosenbloom, '73

Food & Fitness After 50 is the opposite of a fad diet book. It counters the confusing clutter in the 'health help' arena by giving readers from age 50 forward simple, straight-forward, common sense tools that put them on the path to a more active and healthy life.

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The Diary of a Mad Public School Teacher book cover

The Diary of A Mad Public School Teacher

David A. Hancock, '68

As a grad student/colleague said, "Thanks for an enjoyable class on education issues in society. I also enjoyed your letters to the editor. I've been told that I say what other people think. Well, you write and publish what we're all thinking".

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We Did What? Offensive and Inappropriate Behavior in American History book cover

We Did What? Offensive and Inappropriate Behavior in American History

Timothy Jay, M.A. '74, Ph.D. '76

Offensive and Inappropriate Behaviors from past to present. Topics include: sexuality, politics, personal hygiene, mental illness, popular culture, entertainment, comedy, religion, drugs, crime, bad habits.

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Into the Air book cover

Into the Air

Aimee Downing, '91

When a mysterious letter arrives, Mia Bryn is allowed to do something no one has done in over one hundred years — leave the ground and travel into the air. But Mia quickly learns that surviving in the outside world is more difficult and dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

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Missing: Coming to Terms with a Borderline Mother book cover

Missing: Coming to Terms with a Borderline Mother

Kathy Ewing, '73, M.A. '76

In this engaging and thoughtful personal memoir, Kathy Ewing shows what it’s like to be raised by someone variously sullen, pleasant, angry, demanding, manipulative, and engaging—sometimes changing from one mood to the next in a single conversation. She writes of her memories from her childhood, showing her mother’s troubling behavior—the behavior that mystified her until she found a name for it, until she could put it in the context of borderline personality dis¬order. The diagnosis, the wrestling with her history, and the very writing of that history have provided, if not healing, at least comfort and acceptance. 

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Mustang book cover


Jim Kalin

Biography on National Wrestling Hall of Fame coach Mike Milkovich (Kent State alumnus) and his influence on Ohio and American wrestling. This book includes pictures, interviews, stories, and historical content. Milkovich was the Patton of high school wrestling, as intense as the Great Santini and unable to settle for anything but victory.

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It Sucks to Be a Gimp: Pedaling to Freedom book cover

It Sucks to Be a Gimp: Pedaling to Freedom

Peter Zeidner, '86

Pete’s story, in his own words, pulls you in from the start and keeps you riveted.  As much as the cerebral palsy he is born with limits him physically, it only serves as a catalyst for daring to dream how to defeat it, both in his own life and on behalf of others affected by it.

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When I Die, Take My Panties book cover

When I Die, Take My Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments into Your Greatest Gifts.

Jennifer Coken, '85, M.A. '87

When I Die, Take My Panties is a wake-up call about the personal transformation that comes from tragedy. Jennifer takes us through her journey of her mother (Jan Storti, PhD Education 1999) dying from ovarian cancer in 2011 and how she was able to discover the gifts in her own life by appreciating what was right in front of her.

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Railroad Town: Kent and the Erie Railroad book cover

Railroad Town: Kent and the Erie Railroad

Bruce Dzeda, '70, M.A. '79

The opening of the A&GW Railroad in 1863 transformed little Franklin Mills, Ohio. into Kent almost overnight. The Erie's impact on Kent was significant in several ways; at one time it employed over half the workers in the town. The 1875 depot was built to impress and later became the catalyst for Kent's recent downtown redevelopment.

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Water Politics book cover

Water Politics

David Feldman, '73

Water Politics analyzes the processes that determine how water issues get the attention of governments. It also examines how varied sources of power – economic, legal, and expert – determine its governance: how we allocate, use, and protect this irreplaceable resource. Finally, we chronicle the purposes that direct decisions over its cost, availability, and access. The book offers a wide-ranging analysis complete with sidebars– from Flint, Michigan to Mumbai, India; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Beijing. 

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The Business Zoo book cover

The Business Zoo

Brad James, '69

Written by a senior executive with both CFO and CEO experience in a wide range of organizations. The book uses fun and informative stories to illustrate important business and life concepts and lessons. The book is aimed at both those entering the work force and those moving up. Animals and other creatures are used to explain things along the way.

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Sweet Unrest book cover

Sweet Unrest

Lisa Dunick, '00

Additional publications by Lisa Dunick: Unhooked

A girl from Chicago moves to New Orleans where her dark dreams of the past start becoming a part of her waking life. 

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Zero Balancing Expanded book cover

Zero Balancing Expanded: The Attitude of Awaiting a Fish

Judith Sullivan, '68

Published by the Upledger Institute and filled with detailed descriptions and illustrations, Zero Balancing Expanded offers excellent information to further assist students in incorporating cranial work and visceral work into the Zero Balancing session and offers excellent ways to further assist their clients to recover and retain their health. ZB is therapy without words, acupuncture without needles, massage without removing clothes.

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The Warden of Aneurin book cover

The Warden of Aneurin

Jessi Houtz, '13

When Darren Hull’s helicopter crashes in Aneurin, a city created for souls of the dead, he learns of his ancient connection with the city’s mysterious founder and is forced into a struggle for control of life on Earth. He is too scared to be a savior, but the lives of Aneurin’s inhabitants depend upon it. 

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And Now You Know Too! The store of How the Black Squirrel Came to Kent book cover

And Now You Know Too! The Story of How the Black Squirrel Came to Kent

Deborah Walker, M.A. '78 and Kathleen Frazier, '70, M.A. '76, EDS '81

It is a children's book that is historically and scientifically factual and for all readers to learn the true story of how the black squirrel came to Kent. On their bold adventure, Bucky, the black squirrel and his new friend Fletcher, search for the answer. Along the way, they find one person who knows the true story. Join them!

Purchase And Now You Know Too! The Story of How the Black Squirrel Came to Kent online

Rings of Passage book cover

Rings of Passage: A Time Travel Novel with Richard III

Karla Tipton, '82

Modern-day woman Anise Wynford stumbles down her porch steps into a raging medieval battle. She finds her way to the king’s court in the final days of the Wars of the Roses and falls in love with Richard III. Knowing Richard will soon die in battle, Anise must choose whether to save his life and alter the course of history.

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Managerial Accounting book cover

Managerial Accounting, with Karen Braun, 4th edition, Pearson Prentice-Hall, 2014

Wendy Tietz, Ph.D. '07

This book is a managerial accounting textbook used at universities across the U.S. and Canada.

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Steam book cover

Steam - Its Generation and Use - 42nd Edition

Greg Tomei, '84

First published in 1875 and now in its 42nd edition, "Steam/its generation and use" is the longest continually published engineering textbook in the world. It has evolved to become a highly technical and comprehensive reference for advanced steam generation and emissions control technologies, steam fundamentals, and related subjects, and is relied upon by educators, students, engineers and other utility and industry professionals around the world.

Global Indios book cover

Global Indios: The Indigenous Struggle for Justice in Sixteenth-Century Spain

Nancy Van Deusen, '76

This book examines over one hundred lawsuits that indio slaves brought to the Spanish court in the mid-sixteenth century to gain their freedom. The category indio was largely constructed during these lawsuits, and the book emphasizes the need to situate colonial indigenous subjects and slavery in a global context. Published by Duke University Press, 2015.

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I Am Powered book cover

"I AM Powered"

MaryAnn Wohlwend, '92

Biblical Counselor, Maryann Wohlwend walks alongside encouraging you through the valleys and edifying you toward the mountaintop. Journal 

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I Want to be Like Parker book cover

I Want To Be Like Parker

Carol Sumilas Boshears, '66

I am proud to have this special book. I juggle many genres but I'm especially happy this picture book will teach children something important. How to eat right. Plus, the illustrations are colorful and great to catch their attention. Make a child happy! 

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Meathead: Unraveling the Athletic Brain book cover

Meathead: Unraveling the Athletic Brain

Allison Brager, Ph.D. '11

A popular science book debunking the myth of the "dumb jock" as well as a performance and recovery manual for athletes

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Fundamentals of Nursing book cover

Fundamentals of Nursing: Active learning for collaborative practice

Barbara Yoost '77, MSN '94

This first edition nursing textbook is designed for the 21st century student with active learning strategies throughout to help build critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills necessary for practice in our current fast-paced healthcare environment. In addition to the textbook, online ancillaries help students integrate theory and practice, and support the transformation of nursing students to professionals.

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Quality Lesson Plans for Secondary Physical Education book cover

Quality Lesson Plans for Secondary Physical Education

Lois Carnes, '71, M.Ed. '74

This book provides curriculum for middle school and high school physical education teachers. The material spans the content needed for a complete year's course. Fitness, major & minor units, and one day lesson plans are included.

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The Hearing-Loss Guide book cover

The Hearing-Loss Guide: Useful Information and Advice for Patients and Families

John Burkey, M.A. '89

The Hearing-Loss Guide provides useful first-hand advice from people who have experienced hearing loss themselves, along with accurate treatment information based on Mr. Burkey's 25 years as an audiologist at the Lippy Group for ENT.

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A Leap of Faith book cover

A Leap of Faith

Mary Aiello Gauntner, '68

Additional publications by Aiello Gauntner: The Doctors' Wives - Marriage to doctors, divorce, death and survival and the friendship of three women
Continuing friendship of the women and how they triumph 

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The Secret of Ekaterinburg

The Secret of Ekaterinburg

Robert Spirko, '65, MBA '70

Additional publications by Spirko: The Palestine Conspiracy - Rick Waite, a long-forgotten UPI reporter, discovers a secret plan to destroy Israel, then gets himself kidnapped by the PLO. He and his accomplices discover a secret desert missile base where a mysterious terror organization is ready to launch two missiles armed with nuclear warheads against Haifa and Tel Aviv.

A spine-tingling tale about Anastasia and what happened to her. Best-selling author, Robert Spirko, serves up a spy-thriller of epic proportions.? Anastasia is the Amelia Earhart of Russia. 

Purchase The Secret of Ekaterinburg online

The Pyramid of Business Success

The Pyramid of Business Success

Christopher Sopko, '82

15 Characteristics All Leaders Need In Order To Build A Successful, Long Term Business

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Broken Collar book cover

Broken Collar

Ron Mitchell, '77

A Catholic priest gets reassigned to his hometown, an industrial village in the Appalachian foothills. He struggles with ego, spirituality, and human desires.

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Flutter! Book cover

FLUTTER! Wisdom For Living, Loving, Dying

Ed Frierson Ph.D. '64

FLUTTER! addresses the question, “What Happens When You Die?” A young man, Casey, engages insects from caterpillar, Monarchus IV, to Sir Charles, Mantis Clan crown prince. However, the greatest INsight comes from Idyllica, the spirit of a “dead” butterfly. Casey’s notebook also cites seers and masters from several traditions offering wisdom for creative living, deep loving, and peaceful dying.

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Academic Tapestries, Fashioning Teachers and Researchers Out of Events and Experiences book cover

Academic Tapestries: Fashioning Teachers and Researchers Out of Events and Experiences

Alan Graham

Teaching and research benefit from recognizing why we function as we do personally and professionally. Raised in the historic Sixth Ward of Houston, Texas during the 1940s, and educated at Texas, Michigan, and Harvard, the author was in Biological Sciences/Geology at Kent for 38 years winning awards for outstanding teaching and research. An early member of the UFPA, Grievance Committee Chairman, his wife's partner in a successful, seven-year gender discrimination suit with the University, and presently a Senior Research Associate at the Missouri Botanical Garden, Academic Tapestries is an account of these experiences.

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Closing Chapters book cover

Closing Chapters: Urban Change, Religious Reform, and the Decline of Youngstown's Catholic Elementary Schools, 1960-2006

Thomas Welsh, Ph.D. '09

Closing Chapters attempts to explain the disintegration of urban parochial schools in Youngstown, Ohio, a onetime industrial center that lost all but one of its eighteen Catholic parochial elementary schools between 1960 and 2006. Through this examination of Youngstown, Welsh sheds light on a significant national phenomenon: the fragmentation of American Catholic identity.

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Guide to Writing the Mystery Novel book cover

Guide to Writing the Mystery Novel: Lots of Examples, Plus Dead Bodies

Barbara Gregorich, '64

Guide to Writing the Mystery Novel draws from the author’s life as a mystery reader, mystery writer and writing teacher. The book illuminates the author’s points with examples from her mysteries, as well as with charts, graphs, diagrams and other matter that show how much or how little is called for in the way of planted clues, exposition, etc.

Strategic Practice Management book cover

Strategic Practice Management: Business and Procedural Considerations. 2nd Edition

Robert Glaser, M.A. '72, Ph.D. '74

Whether a student, an independent practitioner, a clinician employed in an audiology/ENT practice or hospital, or a manager of a university based clinic, this text offers essential information for the operation and business management of your practice setting. It is an informative text for any health care practitioner in that it provides critically important information about functioning in today's competitive and dynamic health care marketplace.

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Animal Crackers book cover

Animal Crackers

Scott Kraynak, '99

Animal Crackers is a mix of art and poetry, written and illustrated to show what would happen if nature had the power to do to us what we are doing to it.

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The Musical World of Halim El-Dabh

The Musical World of Halim El-Dabh

Denise Seachrist, Ph.D. '93

The Musical World of Halim El-Dabh focuses on the composer’s career from his arrival in the U.S. in 1950 to his retirement from the faculty of Kent State University in 1991. 

Additional Publications by Seachrist:

Snow Hill: In the Shadows of the Ephrata Cloister 

Purchase The Musical World of Halim El-Dabh online

The Gospel Truth book cover

The Gospel Truth: Where Did Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Get Their Information?

William Lazarus, '71, M.A. '74

The authors of the first four books of the New Testament disagree consistently on basic details of the life of Jesus. Clearly, the writers had to get their information from somewhere. Matthew and Luke are known to have relied on Mark. But, what were Mark’s sources? How about John, who definitely didn’t read Matthew or Luke? This book threads through much of the available literature from the time period to isolate ideas that the authors of the Gospels wove together into four of the most important and enduring texts ever written. 

Pediatric Nursing book cover

Pediatric Nursing: The Critical Components of Nursing Care

Daniel Rausch, '00

Pediatric Nursing Textbook for undergraduate students. Authored Chapter 9- School Age Children. A better way to learn pediatric nursing! This unique, multi-media presentation provides tightly focused pediatric coverage in a highly structured text

Purchase Pediatric Nursing online

Advancing Higher Education with Mobile Learning Technologies book cover

Advancing Higher Education with Mobile Learning Technologies: Cases, Trends, and Inquiry-Based Methods

Dr. Marian Maxfield, M.Ed. '04, Ph.D. '11

Additional publications by Maxfield

Advancing Higher Education with Mobile Learning Technologies: Cases, Trends, and Inquiry-Based Methods examines the implementation and success of mobile digital learning tools. With the inclusion of data on specific learning environments enhanced by ubiquitous educational technologies, this publication emphasizes the benefits of exploration and discovery in and out of the classroom. This book is an essential reference source for academicians, professionals, education researchers, school administrators, faculty, technology staff, and upper-level students interested in understanding the future of higher education.

The Personal Trainer book cover

The Personal Trainer: A Tale of Pain, Gain, Greed & Lust

David Herbert, '71

Additional publications by Herbert

The novel explores the nuances of both the fitness industry and the legal system and presents a rather dramatic case for personal trainers to visualize what could happen if they ever come into the crosshairs of the legal system. The book involves a personal trainer who became a certified personal trainer and due to the services he provided to one young mother, turned her life upside down and led to his involvement with the legal system. 

Purchase The Personal Trainer online

Peer interaction in university-level distance education book cover

Peer interaction in university-level distance education: Reasons for interaction, communication methods used, and the perceived value of peer interaction in academic success

Mark Fink, '95

Worldwide, the use of the Internet to deliver instruction has increased exponentially. Course management systems (CMS) are widely used to deliver courses completely at a distance. Implications and recommendations for higher education institutions include promoting best practices, providing functional policies and procedures centered on student learning, and providing faculty training and services to facilitate meaningful learning outcomes. 

Purchase Peer Interaction in University-Level Distance Education online

29 Things that Will Tank Your Life and What to do to Avoid Them book cover

29 Things that Will Tank Your Life and What to do to Avoid Them: How to Get Unstuck, On Track and Getting More of What You Want in Life

Ingeborg Hrabowy, '84

Your road to a great life can start right here by reading this highly acclaimed book written by a Cleveland psychologist who witnessed the disasters that nearly tanked 5,000 of her clients’ lives. Get straight talk and expert advice from Dr. Ingeborg Hrabowy who shows you the 29 ways you can be tanking your life and not even know it; and she shows you a way out. Read this delightful gem to save yourself from sleepless nights, struggle, and regret — and get more of what YOU WANT in life.

Ecology and Evolution book cover

Ecology and Evolution: Islands of Change

Richard Benz, '73

Big, complex ideas--how ecological pressures shape the evolutionary processes of adaptation and natural selection--are examined in a setting kids will love learning about: the Galapagos Islands. The hands-on activities, games, and investigations in Ecology and Evolution will guide your students to explore integrated topics from biology and Earth science. Each lesson has a section on the Standards, assessment rubrics, and suggestions.

Purchase Ecology and Evolution online

Look How Lovely! book cover

Look How Lovely! ¡Mira qué lindo!

Marti Rosario Skarupa, '68, M.S. '81

An exciting journey full of wondrous images and sensory connections, every grandparent's favorite day is now yours as well. Share the marvels of our world with your own child as you help him or her learn a new language and remind yourself that each day is a gift and every child is the most important person in the world . 

Purchase Look how Lovely!: ¡Mira qué lindo! online

The Number Two Pencil Solution book cover

The Number Two Pencil Solution

Harry Fitch, '68

A high school language arts teacher battles the forces, including standardized testing, that he believes are destroying education. Self-published, the novel is print on demand and also available as an e-book.

Purchase The Number Two Pencil Solution online

Pickles & Preserves: A Savor the South Cookbook book cover

"Pickles & Preserves: A Savor the South Cookbook"

Andrea Weigl, '97

This book is part of a series of single-subject cookbooks from University of North Carolina Press. It contains 50 recipes for pickles and preserves and easy instructions on canning. 

Purchase Pickles & Preserves online

Poodle Mistress book cover

Poodle Mistress: An autobiographical story of life with nine toy poodles

Sandi Latimer, '65

The story of my husband and me raising nine toy poodles during our first 27 years of marriage.

Purchase Poodle Mistress online

The Burroughs Corporation book cover

The Burroughs Corporation, Detroit's Dynamic Dwarf

Lee Featheringham, '54

This book is a case study and personal chronicle of an American information systems company. Burroughs survived over 100 years until a merger of 1986 to become Unisys. 

Purchase The Burroughs Corporation online

World Wrecker book cover

World Wrecker: An Annotated Bibliography of Edmond Hamilton

Richard Gombert, '91

An annotated bibliography of the Ohio Science Fiction author Edmond (Moore) Hamilton.

Purchase World Wrecker online

Interior Design in Practice book cover

Interior Design in Practice: Case Studies of Successful Business Models

Terri Maurer, '78

A collection of case studies of interior design firms, from sole proprietors to larger, firms with multiple and international office locations. Case studies are matched with business concepts required to start, grow and eventually plan exit strategies for retirement or the sale of the business.

Purchase Interior Design in Practice online

Guide to Producing a Fashion Show, 3rd Edition book cover

Guide to Producing a Fashion Show, 3rd edition

Judith Everett, '72, M.A. '74

From a small informal affair to a large, complex event, this is a resource for anyone interesting in fashion shows. All aspects of planning and producing a fashion show are covered.

Purchase Guide to Producing a Fashion Show online

Damned Yankee book cover

Damned Yankee: The Story of a Marriage

Carolyn Poling Schriber, '60

He was from Massachusetts; she was born and raised in South Carolina. This is the story of their struggle to deal with their ideological differences and hold their family and marriage together as the storm clouds of the Civil War swirl overhead.

Additional Publications by Schriber: Yankee Reconstructed 

Purchase Damned Yankee online

A Ribbon Weaver's Handbook book cover

A Ribbon Weaver's Handbook

Sally Shore, '68

An instructional book for weaving with ribbons.  Includes equipment and  supply lists and photo illustrations for six weave structures.  35 pages of color photographs of the author's work and samples.

Purchase A Ribbon Weaver's Handbook online

Today's Mathematics book cover

Today's Mathematics: Concepts, Methods and Classroom Activiities

William Speer, Ph.D. '76

First published by KSU Mathematics Education Professor, Dr. James Heddens, in 1964, the 12th edition of Today’s Mathematics provides a valuable set of ideas and reference materials for K-8 classroom use. Offering a combined coverage of content and methods, this book creates a long-lasting resource, helping pre-service and in-service teachers see the relationship between the mathematics they teach and how they teach it.

Purchase Today's Mathematics online

Home Sweet Homes book cover

Home Sweet Homes: How Bundt Cakes, Bubble Wrap, and My Accent Helped Me Survive Nine Moves

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick, '81

Wit and wisdom from a lifetime of cross-country moves with colicky babies, sulky teens, dogs, frogs and goldfish. Moving might be the second most dreadful life event, but if you can find humor in it, you can survive it!

Purchase Home Sweet Homes online

1,001 Tips for Writers book cover

1,001 Tips for Writers

William Gordon, '73

This quotation book offers the best advice about writing and getting published today. The tips were culled from a wide variety of books, magazines, newspaper articles, trade journals, and speeches. Gordon collects the wisdom of literary greats and working writers alike. In the introduction Gordon writes: This book should give writers, especially aspiring writers, a better head start.

Purchase 1,001 Tips for Writers online