Alumni Authors, T - Z


Managerial Accounting, with Karen Braun, 4th edition, Pearson Prentice-Hall, 2014

Wendy Tietz, Ph.D. '07

This book is a managerial accounting textbook used at universities across the U.S. and Canada.

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The Pasta Family (Goes to Marinara Beach)

Cory Tilson, '10, Laureen Tilson, '11, and Alex Rodgers, '09

When The Pasta Family heads to Marinara Beach for a day of fun in the sun, you know that excitement is right around the corner! But when the family dog (Ziti) wanders off of his leash, the family goes in search of their favorite pet. Join The Pasta Family on their latest beach adventure, catch a wave at the annual surfing competition, and help find Ziti in a surprise ending!

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Rings of Passage: A Time Travel Novel with Richard III

Karla Tipton, '82

Modern-day woman Anise Wynford stumbles down her porch steps into a raging medieval battle. She finds her way to the king’s court in the final days of the Wars of the Roses and falls in love with Richard III. Knowing Richard will soon die in battle, Anise must choose whether to save his life and alter the course of history.

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Steam - Its Generation and Use - 42nd Edition

Greg Tomei, '84

First published in 1875 and now in its 42nd edition, "Steam/its generation and use" is the longest continually published engineering textbook in the world. It has evolved to become a highly technical and comprehensive reference for advanced steam generation and emissions control technologies, steam fundamentals, and related subjects, and is relied upon by educators, students, engineers and other utility and industry professionals around the world.

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Global Indios: The Indigenous Struggle for Justice in Sixteenth-Century Spain

Nancy Van Deusen, '76

This book examines over one hundred lawsuits that indio slaves brought to the Spanish court in the mid-sixteenth century to gain their freedom. The category indio was largely constructed during these lawsuits, and the book emphasizes the need to situate colonial indigenous subjects and slavery in a global context. Published by Duke University Press, 2015.

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And Now You Know Too! The Story of How the Black Squirrel Came to Kent

Deborah Walker, M.A. '78 and Kathleen Frazier, '70, M.A. '76, EDS '81

It is a children's book that is historically and scientifically factual and for all readers to learn the true story of how the black squirrel came to Kent. On their bold adventure, Bucky, the black squirrel and his new friend Fletcher, search for the answer. Along the way, they find one person who knows the true story. Join them!

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"Pickles & Preserves: A Savor the South Cookbook"

Andrea Weigl, '97

This book is part of a series of single-subject cookbooks from University of North Carolina Press. It contains 50 recipes for pickles and preserves and easy instructions on canning.

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Love Letters from the Marine Wolf: A US Hospital and Transport Ship, an Army Medic Afloat, and a War Bride in World War II

Michele Makros Weitzel, '77

A captivating, evocative biography that shares the historical perspectives from those who fought in World War II.

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Closing Chapters: Urban Change, Religious Reform, and the Decline of Youngstown's Catholic Elementary Schools, 1960-2006

Thomas Welsh, Ph.D. '09

Closing Chapters attempts to explain the disintegration of urban parochial schools in Youngstown, Ohio, a onetime industrial center that lost all but one of its eighteen Catholic parochial elementary schools between 1960 and 2006. Through this examination of Youngstown, Welsh sheds light on a significant national phenomenon: the fragmentation of American Catholic identity.

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"I AM Powered"

MaryAnn Wohlwend, '92

Biblical Counselor, Maryann Wohlwend walks alongside encouraging you through the valleys and edifying you toward the mountaintop. Journal

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Fundamentals of Nursing: Active learning for collaborative practice

Barbara Yoost '77, MSN '94

This first edition nursing textbook is designed for the 21st century student with active learning strategies throughout to help build critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills necessary for practice in our current fast-paced healthcare environment. In addition to the textbook, online ancillaries help students integrate theory and practice, and support the transformation of nursing students to professionals.

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Cooper: a fish, a flower shop, a funeral home and a happy ending

Beth Snode Zbasnik, ’87, M.A.’96

Cooper, a sweet betta fish, accidentally ends up at a funeral home right alongside the flower arrangements.

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It Sucks to Be a Gimp: Pedaling to Freedom

Peter Zeidner, '86

Pete’s story, in his own words, pulls you in from the start and keeps you riveted. As much as the cerebral palsy he is born with limits him physically, it only serves as a catalyst for daring to dream how to defeat it, both in his own life and on behalf of others affected by it.

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