Clone of Young Alumni Council

Who Are We?

The Young Alumni Council consists of a diverse group of Kent State graduates, 34 years of age or younger, who look to positively represent our alma mater and continue an ongoing relationship with Kent State beyond graduation.

Our Mission Statement

The Young Alumni Council strives to be a resource that fosters meaningful connections between young alumni and Kent State. We seek to engage fellow young alumni through new and exciting events.

Our Purpose

The Young Alumni Council provides an opportunity for young alumni to actively engage with the university and fellow alumni through a variety of educational, volunteer, philanthropic and social initiatives.

Our Goals

  • Promote the social, professional, philanthropic and service interests of recent alumni
  • Foster closer interaction with the greater university community
  • Engender continued improvement of the university and its educational missions through service and support of specific initiatives
  • Educate current students and recent alumni about goals, purposes, projects and services of Kent State University
  • Increase involvement with the organization

Interested in becoming an Executive Member or looking for more information? Contact Dennis Watson, assistant director of outreach, student and recent graduate programs, at or 330-672-5368.

Executive Members



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  • Janice Chislow, '18

    Major: Architecture
    Current Employer: GPD Group

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  • Samuel Graska, '17, M.B.A. '18

    Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology
    M.B.A.: International Business
    Current Employer: ERT

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  • Brandon Johnson, '19

    Major: Applied Communications
    Current Employer: Parma Care

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  • Destiny Kaznoch, '17

    Major: Chemistry
    Minor: Theatre Management
    Current Employer: The Cleveland Clinic

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  • Katie Kimble, '17, M.Ed. '19

    Major: Entrepreneurship and Marketing
    M.Ed. : Higher Education and Student Affairs
    Current Employer: Entrepreneur

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  • Kathryn Ranieri, '15

    Major: Exercise Physiology
    Current Employer: CHS Rehab

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  • Spencer Smith, '16

    Major: Advertising
    Current Employer: Linkmedia 360

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  • Lara Ward, '16

    Major: Public Health with a concentration in Environmental and Occupational Health
    Current Employer: Oswald Companies

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  • Emma Wolpert, '17

    Major: Visual Communication Design
    Minors: Marketing and Photo-Illustration
    Current Employer: Cleveland Public Theatre