Elena Neoh, ’20, Golden Flash Award Recipient 2019


“University is more than an institution for academic success. I seek experiences that channel my passions into contributions that give back to the community.”

Elena Neoh, ’20, Bachelor of Business Administration, is an aspiring writer, world traveler and soon-to-be graduate of Kent State University. She was born in Malaysia, an only child to a single parent, and has always aspired to grow and learn in a global environment. In the spring of 2019, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Sydney, Australia at the University of Technology. There she was able to explore her passions for food, people and words.

Prior to Australia, Neoh studied abroad in Florence, Italy. She was a part of the Freshmen in Florence (FIF) program, where she was chosen to model a beautiful dress for an Italian gala. It was during FIF that Neoh truly connected with her fellow students and created bonds that have turned into lifelong friendships.

In addition to her travels, she has been actively involved on campus through volunteer work with Unified Basketball, the Education Abroad office and tutoring sessions with students on campus.

These opportunities served as a vessel for Neoh to discover her passions for helping and supporting those around her. Neoh is proud of her accomplishments both near and far, and she will continue to blaze a bright path ahead as she progresses through her remaining time at Kent State and into her career.