Kent State hosts exciting alumni events throughout the year and around the country to engage and entertain alumni. From intriguing faculty lectures to fun socials to the tradition of Homecoming, we provide experiences to meet the needs of alumni of all ages.

  • Kent State Alumni has an exciting lineup of events planned every year. From networking luncheons to theatre receptions, we have a variety of events throughout the country to engage and entertain alumni. 

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  • Since the first Alumni Day of Service in 2009, alumni and friends have united to help build homes, clean rivers and beaches, prepare meals for families, clean hospice centers, churches, shelters and historical societies and so much more. Join us this year for the Annual Alumni Day of Service on Saturday, April 27, 2019.

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  • Sponsored by the Kent State University Alumni Association, the Alumni Awards are the university’s most prestigious honors given to alumni. The alumni association honored award winners at a ceremony in October.

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  • The alumni association is broadcasting their events live online through streaming video. If you live far away or can't make it to some of our events, you can now watch them live from your computer or mobile device.

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