Hannah Balash, ’21, 2022 Golden Flash Award Recipient

“I want to encourage others to believe in themselves just like I have. Your potential is endless!”

Motivated, compassionate, hardworking and intelligent are a few words to describe Hannah Balash, ’21, who received her Associate of Arts degree from Kent State Stark in December 2021, and she’s set to receive her Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics this December. If that isn’t enough, Hannah is already taking classes to pursue a master’s degree in economics.

“It was not until I transferred to Kent State my sophomore year that I declared economics as my major after taking macroeconomics with Dr. Park. I learned how economics and government really go hand in hand and the rest has been history,” said Hannah. “I don't regret my major choice one bit!” 

Not only has Hannah maintained a 3.88 GPA through her collegiate career, but she embodies the motto Flashes Take Care of Flashes through her participation in countless student and professional organizations and her commitment to helping others. She holds many leadership positions at the university and works at the Career Exploration and Development office. 

She also holds executive board positions with Delta Sigma Pi, Kent State’s professional business fraternity, serves as a student success leader, volunteers as a student hearing officer for the Office of Student Conduct and is an active member of Changing Hearts Health and Attitude to Recreate Girls.

“These positions allow me to mentor other students to help them light their own candle and be themselves - to show them how they can be a leader and a light to others. Through my time working with and mentoring students, I have strived to inspire them to go out into the world and do good, to show others that they aren't alone,” Hannah said.

This past summer, Hannah worked in Washington D.C. as a legislative intern for the office of Ohio Representative Bill Johnson. Her experiences there were invaluable. She had the opportunity to work with congressional district constituents, research legislation, compile daily press clips, lead tours of the Capitol building, attend briefings and conduct various projects for legislative directors.

“It was truly an honor to work on behalf of the people of my hometown and know the work I was doing was improving the lives of those back home,” Hannah said.

After a successful internship, Hannah is hoping to return to Washington, D.C. once she graduates.

“I truly feel as though public service is my calling, and I'm so excited to work to better the lives of the American people,” said Hannah.  

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