Kiss on the K 2019 Honorary Couples

Homecoming Kiss on the K Honorary Couples

Congratulations to our five honorary couples for Homecoming 2019. These couples will be recognized on September 21, during Kiss on the K.  

Heather, ‘11, M. Ed., ‘13 and Billy Barbour

Heather shares Billy and I met in Centennial Court E in 2007. After many late-night talks at Rosie’s in Tri-Towers and time spent in the study halls, we started dating. We went to Kent State basketball games in the MACC, ate at Eastway and played racquetball at the REC Center. After 6 years of dating, we got married and attribute our meeting and happy memories together at Kent State. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary at Kent in 2016 and will be going back this year for Homecoming and to celebrate our 5th anniversary. 

Jenna, ‘10 & Brad, ‘10 Winfield

The nominator writes, Jenna and Brad met their senior year. For their first date, Jenna took Brad to her senior formal where she took a tumble down a flight of stairs. Brad helped care for her and a beautiful partnership was born. They have participated in Kiss on the K for almost a decade and it would be the best anniversary gift to them to be named a Honorary Couple this year. Jenna and Brad will be celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary during Homecoming weekend.

Bill, ’69, MA, ‘71 and Renee, ‘71 VanderWyden

Bill and Renee met during the fall of 1968, when Bill was serving as Student Body President and Renee was a sophomore. Renee came into his office, with a fellow Sigma Chi Fraternity brother. Bill immediately was enchanted with Renee and wanted an opportunity to get to know her. He offered her a volunteer job in his office, but she said she did not do filing. But before she left, he got her phone number. They had a date that night and have now been married 48 years.

Jennifer Cobb, ‘18 and Cody Shearrow

Jennifer writes, while walking through the beautiful Brain Garden one night, in the middle of October 2015, Kent State blessed me with a beautiful view of a waterfall, quirky carvings of books, a bench for crying, and a magnificent person that would soon be mine forever. Cody and I visit often, making sure to stop back and sit down on that book bench where we first met to find peace in the present and reflect on how far we've come since October 2015. It would be an honor to be recognized and allow others to learn more about love, strength, and our relationship that started at Kent State University. 

Haidar and Nicole, '15 Shafei

Nicole writes, Haidar came to Kent State in 2012 from Saudi Arabia where he grew up. We met through a mutual childhood friend of mine who introduced us just as friends over lunch in the hub. It was not love at first sight— just a lot of curiosity. I took a lot of interest in his culture and he took a lot of interest in mine. Kent State was the place where my eyes were opened to the beauty of cultures much different than my own, including my husbands. After being friends for about a year we began to date, were engaged shortly after and now have been married for over two years!

Congratulations to all our nominated couples!

Josiah Allen, ‘17 and Nadia Stone, ‘18 
Kenan, ‘01, M.Ed., ‘02 and DeNica, ‘02 Bishop
Caroline, ‘79 and Steve Connor
Delaney Cordova, ‘19 and Jacob Weidokal
Shannon, ‘03, MA, ‘03 and Chandra, ‘02, MA, ‘03 Lanier 
Aisha, ‘01 and Quinton, ‘00 Echols 
Maggie, ‘73, M.Ed.,‘89 and Jack,‘73 Kimi
Sarath Kunda, MDS, ‘15 & Tejaswi Karumuru, MDS, ‘16 
Bridgette Parkins, ‘19 and Evan Davenport 

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations. All couples are invited to the “K” in Risman Plaza to share a kiss when the library bells right at 12:30 p.m.

View couples sharing a kiss as part of Homecoming 2018 activities.