Maintaining Friendships

Maintaining Friendships After College

Through your college experience there has been some strong friendships that have been built. After graduation, the friends and acquaintances that have been such a strong part of your college years start to move away and take jobs in other states. It is important for you to not forget those people who have made college the best years of your life. Here are some helpful tips to keep those relationships strong.

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    Use that device that is attached to your hip.
    Yes give your college friends a phone call (no texting).  Just by having a weekly or monthly conversation with your friends shows that you still have an interest in their lives even if visiting those friends may be out of the question at least for the time being. 
  • Start a yearly event with your friends from college where everyone can get back together and reminisce about the college years.
  • Create a Facebook account (if you don’t already have one). This is a great way for you and your friends to easily message one another and share photos of your new lives after college.
  • Go visit your friends.  It really shows that you care about your friendships when you take the time out of your schedule for a trip to visit your friend who lives a day’s drive away.  This takes effort, but it really pays off by keeping that friendship strong.
  • Keep in touch with students in your major after graduation. Even if you have not created strong bonds with these individuals, there is a strong potential to become good friends with these former students by sharing job posting information, working on projects together or even finding a roommate for that new big city job that you received. Networking friends become lifelong friends.
  • Reconnect with your friends. It is okay if you have been overwhelmed with life after college and end up losing touch with close friends. But don’t let the candle on those friendships burn out. Give that person a call or get back in touch. A good friend will always enjoy hearing how you are doing.

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