Alexis Walters, ’16

Alexis Walters, ‘16

From TV2 to Successful News Anchor 

Alexis Walters, ’16 
Job Title:
News Anchor 

Alexis Walters, ’16, was promoted from meteorologist and reporter to the WKBN evening news desk in July 2020.

What is your favorite Kent State memory?
It's not one specific memory but one thing that stands out to me is my freshmen year. I lived in Manchester Hall and I met my first friends at Kent -- we all lived on the same floor. We used to stay up all night long talking in the lobby, learning about one another's lives, career plans and ways of thinking. I'd never laughed so much in my whole life. Meeting them really opened my eyes to different people and gave me some of the best friendships I could have asked for. To this day, we catch up. Every once in a while our paths cross and we get so excited to see one another.

How did your time at Kent State help you get to where you are today?
I wouldn't be where I am in my career without Kent State. I originally went in thinking I was going to be a nurse but because of the opportunities in the journalism program and with TV2, I quickly found my calling elsewhere. Doing TV2 gave me real world experience. I think it sets people up to understand how a newsroom operates, how it feels to be on a set and how to find sources and tell stories and you can't get that everywhere. TV2 is also how I discovered I love doing broadcast meteorology -- despite being reluctant when I first started doing weather on the show.

Do you have any advice for current Kent State students?
Soak up every second you have. Someone told me "you'll never have this much freedom with this little responsibility again,” and it's true. If there's a chance to meet people and network - do it. The people around you will help shape you for the rest of your life (so choose wisely), and you'll hold the memories you make with them very close to your heart. Finally, take advantage of every opportunity presented to you. Take on projects, join clubs and get out of your comfort zone.

How do you stay connected to Kent State today?
Kent State connects you with people across the world. It could land you jobs or just give you common ground with people you don't know. I joined Alpha Phi Fraternity my freshmen year and the women I met in that organization are my closest friends to this day. We love going back and visiting and staying connected with the university. We always joke we want to retire there someday and we're only half kidding.

What is your favorite part of your career? 
My favorite part of my career is that it's never boring and always changing. Whether I'm doing news or meteorology, I'm learning every day about things I would never know otherwise. As a journalist, it gives me the chance to meet incredible people and as a meteorologist, I get to keep my community safe when severe weather strikes and just relate to so many people at home.

POSTED: Tuesday, December 22, 2020 - 10:05am
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