Alyssa, '10, and Andrew McQuillen, '11

Alyssa and Andrew McQuillen

College Street and Pandora's Box: Breaking Precedent

Our Story
It was inevitable that Drew and I would eventually run into each other. We both lived on College Street. He lived in the Rugby House with nine other guys, and I lived across the street with five other girls. Even the smelly, typical college house of rugby players couldn't keep me away. We started dating March 2009 and got engaged July 2011.

The Proposal and Marriage
Drew proposed in our apartment (Holly Park) in July 2011. There was no significance to the day he proposed, which made it even more surprising. I came home to my favorite cooked meal (hibachi) and a bag that I recognized from his hometown store in Mansfield where he gets my Pandora beads.     
After the delicious meal, he reminded me about the bead (note: the timing was perfect because I was just telling him how I really wanted this bead I saw the weekend before when we were getting his sister a new one for her birthday). Well, to my surprise, there was no bead inside— it was a ring! We married the following year, August 2012, in Mansfield. The ceremony was at his local church, First Congregational, and the reception at the Mansfield Art Museum. We currently reside in Beachwood as happy newlyweds, and I have to give many thanks to Kent State/College Street festivities for introducing me the love the of my life (good stories do come out of College St).

Staying Connected to Kent State Today
We still have friends in Kent who we will go visit from time-to-time. Drew's little brother will start his undergrad at Kent State this fall, 2013, so we will be visiting even more. 

Alyssa and Andrew McQuillen

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