Bob, '84, and Linda Yanega, '83

Bob and Linda Yanega

Paradise Found over Pizza

Our Story
We met in an honors colloquium our sophomore year. Linda had taken fencing the semester before, and I was registered to take it the following semester. I offered to buy her book, and we agreed to meet at the Student Center for some pizza and to make the transaction. I think we both secretly had more in mind, because it led to a several hour conversation and our first kiss right there in the snack bar. Twenty-eight years of marriage and two grown kids later, we are still madly in love. In fact, more in love than ever!

The Proposal and Marriage
On the beach at Lake Erie, we were engaged the summer after our junior year, and we married the fall after I graduated (Linda graduated in December and I graduated in May).

Staying Connected to Kent State Today
We stay connected through occasional visits and events, as well as through the newsletter. 

Bob and Linda Yanega
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