Distinguished Alumni Award 2017

Hwang speaking at Kent State University's 2001 Commencement Ceremonies.

Dr. Jennie S. Hwang, M.S. ‘71 

CEO & Principal, H-Technologies Group

Master of Science in Chemistry
Bedford, New York

“Infuse positive energy and bring out rejuvenating ideas and critical thinking is my mantra. My impact is on three separate fronts: serving on corporate boards to help drive growth and innovation, working for the benefits of young people and helping the country’s agenda by sharing thoughts and ideas on national panels and committees while continuing my long-standing career in serving the industry and in writing and speaking engagements.”

As a pioneer and sustained frontier in electronics, Dr. Hwang has lectured at national and international events across the U.S. and in 28 countries to thousands of professionals, managers and researchers to provide continued professional development to the workforce. She has also authored 475+ publications including ground-breaking, international-used books in environmentally-friendly electronics. Her patents are used in the most advanced Smartphones and high-performance electronics.  

Dr. Hwang’s wide-ranging lustrous career encompasses corporate executives, CEO of three startup companies, international business development, worldwide leadership in environment-friendly green electronics manufacturing and technology innovation, and leadership positions of non-profit organizations, as well as corporate and university governance. She has contributed to four arenas – technology, business, government and academia.  

Dr. Hwang is currently the CEO of H-Technologies group. The firm advises and assesses global technological trends and market thrusts, particularly intelligence-directed manufacturing, interdisciplinary technological deployment and competitiveness across national borders; also focusing on business strategy, corporate and university governance (new trends/challenges and best practices). She has held senior executive positions at Lockheed Martin Corp., Sherwin-William Company, SCM Corp., CEO of International Electronic Materials Corp.

Her work is highlighted by numerous national and international awards and honors including the U.S. Congressional Recognition and Achievement, induction into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame, induction into the National Academy of Engineering (the only woman from the State of Ohio), YWCA Women of Achievement Award and many others. 

Dr. Hwang is the Chairman of the Assessment Board of the U.S. Department of Defense Army Research Laboratory, the Assessment Board of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and serving on the National Laboratory Assessment Board, the National Materials and Manufacturing Board and the Board of Army Science and Technology. She has served on the board of Fortune 500, New York Stock Exchange-, NASDAQ-, Toronto-Stock-Exchange-listed and the privately-held companies, and on the board of various civic organizations, government and universities.

Her track record embodies the hard work, intellectual rigor and relentless aspirations. 

As a student at Kent State, Dr. Hwang dedicated much time with the Liquid Crystal Institute. "The educational journey at Kent State not only provided the academic knowledge but also nurtured my ability and creative thinking, as well as insightful, analytical acumen," Hwang says.

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