Earl, '01, and Danielle Zwissler, '01

Earl and Danielle

Love at First Sight on the First Day of Classes

Your Story
I met Earl on the very first day of school our freshman year back in 97! He was in my very first class (Dr. Albrecht's) of the day (you know, the early one)! He sat right behind me and he dropped a piece of paper. I picked it up and the rest is history. It was like looking into the eyes of my future. We were married a few weeks after we graduated, and 1 year after that, we welcomed our daughter, Ariana, and 4 years after our son, Logan. 

The Proposal and Marriage
From our first date, we knew that we wanted to be together. It took us 3 months to get engaged, but we had to wait until we graduated college to get married. It was a long few years of torture. Almost 17 years later, here we are, still together. 

How do you and your spouse stay connected to Kent State as alumni?
We live fairly close to the university still, so we often pass the Music and Speech building. I have participated in the alumni festivities as well as donated to some of the foundations.

Earl and Danielle
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