Eric, '91, and Joanie Amendola Cameron, '92

Eric and Joanie

From Loft Pizza, Intramural Fun to Romance and Love

Your Story
Mutual friends from Heer Hall initiated our introduction. From then on lots of gatherings at Glen Morris apartments, both from New York state, many Loft pizzas and visits to Franklin Deli and Ray's, meeting frequently at the student center and sitting on the upstairs bench studying and talking for hours, intramural volleyball games, Chi Omega parties and formals, mutual Golden Flash pride and dear friends! We will be married 20 years in August 2015 and are the proud parents of two awesome kids! We brought them to Kent this past summer to show them our campus and share our memories. They took the attached photo of us on the second floor of the student center, which was the exact place we would meet at back in college. The spot where we started our plans and dreams...and fell in love!

The Proposal and Marriage
We were engaged in Atlantic City, NJ in May 1994, followed by our wedding on August 11, 1995 in West Nyack, NY and reception in White Plains, NY with many Kent State friends present!

How do you and your spouse stay connected to Kent State as alumni?
We read publications, emails and social media. We also visit campus when traveling through. Keep close ties with Kent roommates, friends and sorority sisters.

Eric and Joanie
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