Gary, '84, and Kris Paine Young, '86

Gary and Kris

Laying a Foundation for Love at Taylor Hall

Our Story
Gary and Kris
We met in architecture school, in the studio of Taylor Hall in 1983. An architecture student from Gary's class, who was an RA from my residence hall, introduced us. We only dated a few times and that summer I got an internship. I told my roommate how I felt that I had missed a great chance at a wonderful connection, since I knew Gary graduated but didn't know where he was working. Turns out, my first summer job was at the architecture firm where Gary started his job after graduation! We started dating; we’d take our lunch to the gazebo in the Medina town square and the rest was history. We celebrated our 25 year anniversary last year.

Staying Connected to Kent State Today
We read the newsletter and magazine and proudly display the black squirrel stuffed animal family we’ve collected over the years. Our teenage girls wear my old KSU hoodie sweatshirt!

Kris and Gary with their daughters
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