Glenn, '84, and Susan Peterson, '84

Glenn and Susan

High School Sweethearts, to KSU and Beyond

Our Story
We both attended high school together. I arrived at Kent in 1979, and Susan came the next year. We both enjoyed college life together and with friends; we never really separated. After college and the start of our careers, we decided on a KSU merger. The last twenty-four years have been the best years of my life.

The Proposal and Marriage
The proposal came five years after leaving Kent. There is just something about those Kent State women!

Staying Connected to Kent State Today
We hold season tickets for basketball and football. We attend baseball games and attended the CWS last year. We take many vacations to Kent games all over the country, such as the Bowl game, trips to Army, Navy, Alabama, Penn State, Boston College and all over the for the MAC. Wow, we’ve had some great times. We can't wait for the LSU game and a return to the CWS in Omaha, Nebraska.

Glenn and Susan
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