Golden Flash Award 2014

Bitrus AuduBitrus Audu

Business Administration and Human Resources Management Major
West Africa, Nigeria

Bitrus Promise Audu is a senior, international student from West Africa, Nigeria majoring in Business Administration and Human Resource Management. Audu came to Kent in the summer of 2010 and since then has made the most out of his college career. He has been involved in many organizations including Kent Interhall Council, Student Quality Advisory Committee, Habitat for Humanity, Student Outreach and Development , Community Service, Learning and Volunteerism, Kent State International Mentors, International Student Voice and Kent Student Ambassadors.  
In addition to winning the Golden Flash Award, Audu was the recipient of the Student Leader of the Year Award, the Spirit of Service Golden Eagle Battalion Award and the Army ROTC Social Responsibility Award. 

After graduation in fall of 2014, Audu plans to serve in the armed forces of Nigeria and then come home to pursue a dual master’s degree in International Relations/Diplomacy and Business Administration.

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