Jim, '03 and Nicole Cannonie, '02

Jim and Nicole

True Love in Humphrey Hall

Your Story
Jim and I met our freshman year at Kent State University in Humphrey Hall in 1999. It was not until after I graduated in 2002 that Jim and I started dating. We formed a close friendship throughout our time at Kent that grew into something so much more. 

The Proposal and Marriage
We got married on June 4, 2005. We have two beautiful daughters.

How do you and your spouse stay connected to Kent State as alumni?
Each year we make a point to come back to the campus and drive or walk through and check out what is new and what has changed. Although the campus looks beautiful, we were certainly sad to see that Humphrey Hall is no longer there. It also imperative that we make a stop at Mike's Place for an order or two of hushpuppies and wings. 

Jim and Nicole

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