Joey Lancianese, '09, and Alex DeLoia, '09

Joey and Alex

A Koonce Hall Romance

Our Story
Joey and Alex
Kent State played a major role in my relationship with Alex. I met her the day I moved into my dorm room on campus in Koonce Hall. She was living there as well. While she’s from Pittsburgh and I’m from Canton, she happened to be high school best friends with my random roommate in Koonce. The three of us became great friends immediately. Alex and I spent most of our freshman year as friends. I loved hanging out with her! We didn’t start dating until the spring semester that year and from that moment I have never been happier in my life! 

The Proposal
We’ve been together for more than six years now and recently got engaged this past July. Watch a video of the “flash mob” proposal

Staying Connected to Kent State Today
Alex and I will always love KSU and the memories it gave us! We are KENT STATE! 

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