Kent State Geauga Campus BSN Program Graduate to Serve as Nurse in New York City Hospital to Help Combat COVID-19

Kent State University Geauga Campus Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program 2018 graduate Bailey Hill has been selected by The Cleveland Clinic as a nurse who will spend the next four weeks at New York Presbyterian Hospital—an area in the COVID hot zone with a shortage of nurses.

Bailey Hill's nursing badge for work
When Bailey received an email from the Cleveland Clinic last week asking for volunteer nurses to help in areas with high volumes of coronavirus inpatients, she immediately replied. Bailey says, “I’m very excited for this. My gut is telling me I need to do it. I just hope I am chosen to go. My first choice is to be assigned to New York.” Prof. Mahli Mechenbier, who had Bailey in English I and II, is not surprised: “Bailey is one of the most culturally aware and kind-hearted students I have instructed in class—she would totally be the first one on a plane to New York to assist in this crisis. Instead of staying away from patients affected by the virus, she signs up to move to New York to help those most in need of care.”

BSN Prof. Kerry Myers shares, “Bailey is a detail-oriented practitioner and always has the patients’ needs first in her mind.” Prof. Melissa Owen, BSN Program Coordinator, adds, “I asked Bailey to speak at her commencement because she is a leader, not in the outgoing sense of the word, but a leader in the sense that she was always there for her cohort in the two years they were in clinical together.”

Bailey says that her mother, Holly, is the “best nurse that I know.” Clearly, Bailey is following in her mom’s footsteps as she embarks on this journey.

Bailey leaves for New York Presbyterian on April 15. The Geauga Campus and Twinsburg Academic Center support you and thank you, Bailey.

POSTED: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 01:37 PM
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2022 11:50 AM