Kevin, ‘80, and Dana Kovak, ‘80

Kevin and Dana

A Bus Ride to Remember

Our Story
I sat next to my future bride in the bus stop near the business building on Summit and said hello. She got up and without saying a word walked across the street to wait for another bus. A few weeks later, I spotted her selling donuts and bagels for her co-ed fraternity in the business building. I made sure I bought a donut from her every week until she went out with me. Four years later, after we both graduated in 1980, we were married.

Staying Connected to Kent State Today
As a season ticket holder, I have attended KSU football games for the past decade.  My wife supports the fact that doing this is important to me, since I drive from Pittsburgh to attend these games and it takes up the entire day.  We are also members of the alumni association.

Kevin and Dana

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