Larry Armstrong, ’79, ’80

Photos of Larry and Sandy Armstrong

Lawrence R. Armstrong, ’79, ’80, is the epitome of a devoted Kent State University alumni, particularly of our architecture program.

Larry is a native Clevelander (Painesville, OH), an architecture graduate and a member of one of the early student cohorts to study abroad with Kent State in Florence in 1979. After graduation, Larry went on to serve as President and CEO, and now Chairman, of Ware Malcomb – an international architecture, interior, civil engineering and branding firm. His personal success is notable on its own. However, it’s the dedication he and his wife (aka: high school and college sweetheart), Sandy, have shown to Kent State that has changed the future for so many other Golden Flashes. Currently, they co-chair the university’s Campaign Executive Committee, and he serves on the Kent State University Foundation Board, volunteers to support the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, and they generously support architecture, fashion, dance and study abroad programs for our students. This dynamic and philanthropic leader has set trends in his industry and is blazing a trail for KSU students to have their own bright futures. Larry and Sandy personify what it means to say Flashes Take Care of Flashes! Get to know Larry in his own words.

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