Michael, '07, and Emily Fitzpatrick, '06

Michael and Emily

A Special Mutual Friend

Your Story
We met through a mutual friend, Elizabeth Byers. We became best friends and knew we had something special. I moved back to Pittsburgh to get my masters while Michael finished up at KSU. I would drive from Pittsburgh to Kent every weekend. When Michael graduated he moved to Pittsburgh to be with me. We bought a house together in Pittsburgh. You know it's true love when you convince a Browns fan to move to Pittsburgh. 

The Proposal and Marriage
Michael proposed at our home. He was going to light candles on the porch, but it rained that day. He asked me to take a half day so we could go to lunch. When I opened the door the house was dark. He had flowers leading up from the front door to the bedroom. Our dogs helped lead the way. I opened the door and he got down on his knees. The room was full of flowers and "I love you " written in chocolates. I said yes of course. We got married in downtown Pittsburgh a year later. We have a four month old son, Connor William Fitzpatrick.

Staying Connected to Kent State Today
We of course stay connected with keeping up with Kent State sports. We can't wait to show our son KSU and take him to a homecoming parade. I was in Alpha Xi Delta sorority and stay connected with some of my sisters and Mike stays connected with a lot of his friends from KSU.

Michael and Emily with their child
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