Nicholas, '02, and Leah Norris Anastasakis, '04

Nicholas and Leah 

A Serendipitous Meeting in the Honors College

Our Story
It was a serendipitous meeting; I came to Kent State from Cleveland for the architecture program, and Leah came to Kent State from Detroit for fashion design. Neither of us ended up in those respective programs, but came together in the Honors College. My junior year, a good friend of mine was dating an R.A. in the Honors College and introduced me to a freshman on her floor. The rest, as they say, is history!

The Proposal and Marriage
With our families being from different cities, we met in the middle and married at Maumee Bay State Park (outside of Toledo). We married on May 20th, 2006, outside on the lake, on a picture-perfect spring day. We now live in Broadview Heights, OH with our beautiful daughter, Stella.

Nicholas and Leah
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