Professional Achievement Award 2018

Dr. Rogers teaching about oxygen consumption in his exercise physiology course at Wichita State University.

Michael E. Rogers, Ph.D. ‘96

CSCS, FACSM, FAAAJ, Professor of Exercise Science at Wichita State University

Doctor of Philosophy in Exercise Physiology 
Wichita, Kansas

"I want to instill a passion for the scientific aspects of exercise in my students. I strive to show them how this information contributes to an understanding of their own body as well as the clients and patients they work with. In addition, while being equipped with this understanding, they can contribute to our general understanding of the human body by conducting their own research."

Dr. Rogers is internationally recognized for his research concerning the effects of balance and resistance training on older adults, and has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in physiology, exercise testing, research methods, statistics, fitness introduction of older adults and physical dimensions of aging. Students who have taken his courses cannot say enough about him, as many students left rave reviews on One student said, “This guy knows his stuff and can teach it better than any other teacher I have ever had. He really gets you excited about the material. His tests are very tough and he expects a lot from his students, but he makes you want to learn.”

Along with teaching and serving as the graduate coordinator for the exercise science program, Dr. Rogers is involved with a myriad of university roles and outside organizations. He has served as the chair at the Department of Human Performance Studies at Wichita State University for over ten years, is the Director for the Center for Physical Activity and Aging and holds the position of the Cassat Foundation Research Fellow with the Regional Institute of Aging. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) with the National Conditioning Association, a fellow with the American College of Sports Medicine (FACSM), and a fellow of the Active Aging Association of Japan (FAAAJ).
Along with being an inspiring professor who is committed to his students, Dr. Rogers is a successful researcher. He has more than 90 published papers, and made more than 400 presentations, he has been invited to speak in 22 countries: this include Japan which he has visited 16 times and held a visiting scholar position twice. His research has been featured in magazine and newspaper articles including the L.A. Times, Boston Globe, Readers Digest and the New York Times. Currently, he is collaborating on studies regarding the efficacy of community-based exercise programs throughout Japan, while also collaborating with several companies on product development and evaluation.  

Dr. Roger’s list of professional accomplishments and awards is impressive. He was awarded the College of Education Researcher of the Year Award, College of Education Outstanding Service Award, appointed to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, Who’s Who Among Professionals and Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare. The list goes on, as he has made numerous outstanding contributions to his profession.

Dr. Rogers lives in Witchita, Kansas with his wife, Nicole Rogers, M.S., '94, who is also a Kent State graduate. He enjoys home brewing, running, playing the guitar, gardening, spending time at their lake house and is a Red Sox and Patriots fan.

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