Scott, '12 and Marissa Hooper, '10

Scott and Marissa

A Golden Flash Homecoming Wedding

Your Story
We met the end of spring semester 2009. It was freshman year for both of us. Scott was supposed to attend OSU but instead ended up at KSU (lucky for me). He was going into nursing and I was going into ultrasound. Both of us in the medical field was a plus to me, we both had the passion of helping others and love of science in common. He was in an anatomy class with one of my high school friends. Scott noticed me on Facebook when I posted on my friends FB page. Scott messaged me and we began talking. Although I was hesitant, we continued to talk and met at Panera during summer break. After that first date I told myself he's too quiet and I wasn't too thrilled that he was in a fraternity. Scott was persistent and continued to talk to me. I'm so thankful that he did!! He lived in college towers so we would walk around campus, drive around and talk and he'd attend one of my evening classes with me to keep me company. I started to notice how amazing he truly was the more we talked and hung out. We were together through lots of studying, our two degrees -each from Kent, nursing boards, ultrasound registries and different paths with our careers. Which took me to Dayton, Ohio to go after my dream job of working at a pediatric hospital, while he worked in Akron. After seven years of dating, we are married and are both working in Akron, OH. Scott is an orthopedic RN at St. Thomas Hospital and I am a Sonographer at Akron Children's Hospital. 

The Proposal and Marriage
Scott proposed on March 25th, 2016 in downtown Hudson, OH. We walked around and then sat and talked. Next thing I knew he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was in such shock I didn't even notice the ring at first! I had waited so long for that moment to happen! Seven years to be exact!! :) We recently got married (October 1st, 2016) -- homecoming at a church on Kent States campus and had our reception at the new Kent State hotel and conference center. We wanted to have everything in Kent to keep with how we met. We also took some of our wedding pictures on campus. 

How do you and your spouse stay connected to Kent State as alumni?
Facebook and we both plan on returning to Kent State soon to further our education. 

Scott and Marissa Hooper
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