Pam Anderson, ’89, ’94, ’12

Image of Pam

Why did you decide to volunteer with Kent State after graduating? 

As a first-generation college student who started at Kent State's Trumbull Campus, I know that my KSU education changed the trajectory of my life. The support that I received from my professors -- notably Poet Maggie Anderson, who was my MFA adviser and was instrumental in my poetry writing, leading to the publication of my first book: "Just the Girls" -- makes me want to extend a helping hand to today's students, especially those who come from working-class families who may have limited access to higher education. If I can earn my degree and change my life, so can other young women and men. I want to help them!

What are your favorite memories at Kent State? 

Walking across the stage on graduation day, with my then-2-year-old daughter in the audience, cheering for me.

What advice would you share with someone looking to volunteer with Kent State? 

Do what you can to help and support today's college students, even if you feel unsure about the impact you may be making. Even a little help can make a big difference.