Paul Richardson, M.Ed. '99 

Currently Resides In: San Francisco 

Volunteer Position(s) with KSUAA: I have volunteered for eight years as the San Francisco Bay Area Alumni Chapter Leader

Why is volunteering with KSUAA important to you? What motivates you to volunteer?
I noticed our alumni network in the Bay Area had gone dormant and after I left the world of university advancement to move into health care, it provided the opportunity to volunteer and help create a formalized alumni chapter in the Bay Area. 
Good regional alumni chapters help build value in our degrees via visibility while, also helping raise the caliber of resources/students coming to Kent State! I want to see the profile of the campus continue to thrive and have fellow alumni feel good about their alma mater by finding new and creative ways to support, whether that be by writing a check, guest lecturing, helping a newly admitted student or new grad, etc. 

Why did you choose to attend Kent State?
At the time, the head of my program was respected nationally and doing some creative stuff around identity development. His inspiration, passion and vision drew me to Kent. 

What are your favorite memories at Kent State?
Being in a cohort of about 20 people the entire time, you really got to know your classmates. In our shared experiences, we became a family and still remain connected through social media. Overall, my favorite memory involved a sense of "family". 

What were you involved in as a student?
As a graduate student, I was a graduate assistant in housing. In that role, I managed Terrace Hall and advised the student group in the residence hall. I was also involved in our graduate program and was later published as a co-author with my mentor in the Journal of College Student Development. 

Why did you decide to volunteer after graduating? 
I decided to volunteer to make sure alumni in the Bay Area could stay connected to their alma mater and feel proud of the progress it has made since graduation! 

What is your favorite event you participated in as a volunteer?
I would have to say my favorite volunteer event is our annual holiday gathering, as many new faces come out each year when we host this event. It is a time of celebration for all and a good way to recruit new people to help or be involved. 

What is your proudest accomplishment(s) as a volunteer? 
My proudest moment as a volunteer has to be the hard work put into establishing the alumni network, getting it going by hosting events (as a one-man shop) and then finding the right person with gravitas to serve as our founding President as we transitioned into becoming a newly created chapter! I feel like I had birthed a baby and it was learning to walk!

What advice would you share with someone looking to volunteer with KSUAA?
DO IT! Do not worry about feeling unprepared, just roll up your sleeves and get involved! ALL help is good help! If you lead with passion, openness and a willingness to get things done, the sky is the limit for what you can do to help your fellow alumni and your alma mater!