Peggy Korecko, ’92

Image of Peggy

Why did you decide to volunteer with Kent State after graduating? 

I didn't really get involved with Kent State until I moved to California. Since I only knew a few people in LA, I decided to volunteer with Kent State to meet new people and to have a greater sense of belonging in the group. Planning events is something I really enjoy so my involvement kind of took off from there. Getting together with the SoCal Kent State alumni is a bit like going home which is nice when you're over 1,000 miles away.

What are your favorite memories at Kent State? 

Some of my favorite memories at Kent State are the Washington Program in National Issues, working at TV2 & WKSR, making a cool dragon float and marching in the Homecoming Parade with it, the music at the Newman Center (I was thrilled when they made a tape, remember those?!) and later a CD, so I could continue to enjoy the music to this day, traying down the hill by Taylor Hall and hanging out with now lifelong friends in the dorms (Shout out to Olson and Johnson Halls!).

What advice would you share with someone looking to volunteer with Kent State? 

My advice to someone looking to volunteer with Kent State is join us! We're a fun group and we do fun things!