Russell Galeti, '05, B.A. 

Currently Resides In: Washington, D.C. 

Volunteer Position(s) with KSUAA: I have been on the KSUAA National Board of Directors for over 2 years. 

Why is volunteering with KSUAA important to you? What motivates you to volunteer?
Kent State University gave me so much and is a tremendous platform especially for first-generation college students. I owe so much to the university and the people there who supported and mentored me. Today, I volunteer because I want to ensure our alumni benefit from a university and an alumni association that are not just preparing them to compete in a global economy, but preparing them to seek out opportunities they are passionate about and to excel. 

What are your favorite memories at Kent State?
Some of my favorite memories include Dr. Jack Gargan's "Politics of War" course, serving as an RA in Dunbar Hall and learning to fly at the airport. 

What were you involved in as a student?
I served in the National Guard, was an RA in Dunbar Hall, worked for the Faculty Senate, worked as a line crew technician at the airport and wrote a column in the Daily Kent Stater. 

Why did you decide to volunteer after graduating?
I felt students from public universities like Kent State are underrepresented in entry-level national security and policy-supporting jobs here in Washington and I wanted to do more to establish a foothold for Kent State alumni here. 

What is your favorite event you participated in as a volunteer?
Talking to students in town from the Washington Program in National Issues about their careers and helping them figure out multiple options to get to where they want to go. 

What is your proudest accomplishment(s) as a volunteer?
Being asked to address the Kent State's 2018 Veterans Day Commemoration Ceremony was a huge honor. I have also enjoyed seeing all the progress the alumni association is making against its strategic plan and toward engaging its next 10,000 alumni.  

What advice would you share with someone looking to volunteer with KSUAA?
Bring a fellow alum with you, I was someone who had never participated in the past! However, I have never had a bad time volunteering, and once you feel reconnected to Kent State, you will not want to stop showing up!