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Faculty & Staff


Administrative Secretary

Barbara Davis
Phone: 330-672-4363

Regional Campus Faculty

Dr. David Perusek
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Phone: 440-964-4289

Dr. Jeanne Marie Stumpf-Carome
Associate Professor
Phone: 440-834-4187

Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Richard Currie Smith
Instructor (Term)

Joy St. James
Instructor (Term)
Phone: 440-313-5507


Name Office Phone # Email
Barbara Davis 226 Lowry Hall 330-672-4363 bdavis71@kent.edu
Dr. Metin Eren 215 Lowry Hall 330-672-9353 meren@kent.edu
Dr. Richard Feinberg 231 Lowry 330-672-2722 rfeinber@kent.edu
Dr. Evgenia Fotiou 221 Lowry 330-672-6862 efotiou@kent.edu
Dr. C. Owen Lovejoy 241 Lowry 330-672-9340 olovejoy@aol.com
Dr. Richard S. Meindl 222 Lowry 330-672-7998 rmeindl@kent.edu
Dr. Marilyn A. Norconk 240 Lowry 330-672-4123 mnorconk@kent.edu
Dr. David J. Perusek Ashtabula campus 440-964-4289 dperusek@kent.edu
Dr. Mary Ann Raghanti 226-A Lowry 330-672-9354 mraghant@kent.edu
Dr. Richard Smith 234 Lowry  330-672-6908 rsmit120@kent.edu
Dr. Linda B. Spurlock 237 Lowry 330-672-5972 lspurloc@kent.edu
Joy St. James 236 Lowry   jstjame1@kent.edu
Dr. Jeanne Marie Stumpf-Carome Geauga campus 440-834-3764 jstumpfc@kent.edu
Dr. Anthony Tosi 238 Lowry 330-672-5121 atosi@kent.edu
Rick Feinberg lectures to a class at Kent State University. Dr. Owen Lovejoy explains some anatomical detail to two graduate students. Giant Brain red sandstone sculpture standing (appropriately) behind Lowry Hall, home of the Department of Anthropology.